Viticulture, wine-making and ageing

Detailed and regular canopy management techniques are practiced in the vineyard to control vine vigor, cropping levels per vine, fruit consistency and to ensure the grapes attain optimum ripeness.

These include simple guyot pruning, bud-rubbing, secondary shoot removal, leaf-stripping, lateral branch removal and where necessary, green harvesting, allowing only the healthiest grapes to remain. This approach guarantees exceptionally healthy grapes, whilst respecting the terroir and the vine.

The grapes are picked only once they are perfectly ripe and the harvest is spread over time depending on the ripeness of each plot or micro-plot, in order to ensure consistency in the parcels making up the blend.

Respect for the integrity of the grapes continues in the wine cellar, that benefits from next generation equipment and technology. The tank room holds small temperature controlled stainless-steel and concrete vats, ideal for “tailor-made” maceration and gentle extraction.

Ageing usually lasts from 12 to 18 months depending on the vintage.
Only French oak barrels are used, of whichone third is renewed every year.

All the wines are bottled at the Chateau 18 to 20 months after harvest.